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Hobart Current: Liberty 2020 artists

About Hobart Current

Hobart Current will nurture and showcase contemporary artists working across performance, music, film, design, visual art and literature.

Creative Director

February 2019

Rosie Dennis has been appointed. The theme she has chosen is 'liberty'.


August 2019

Ten artists will be commissioned to create new works in various art forms.


September 2020

The inaugural exhibition will run from September to November 2020 in Hobart.

Creative director Rosie Dennis and liberty 2020

'This theme can be interpreted globally and locally, as celebrating the nation as a whole or a neighbourhood. I’m interested in sparking a fuller conversation about who chooses freedom for whom, in what space and during what time.'

Hobart Current Timeline

February 2019

Rosie with Horizonatl adjusted 010319.jpg

Director announcement

Creative director Rosie Dennis announced

Rosie Dennis has been selected as the Creative Director for the inaugural Hobart Current. Rosie Dennis creates complex contemporary performance works that have a strong connection to place and the everyday. Rosie has presented various works at more than twenty-five festivals across Europe and the UK.